Monday, May 19, 2008

exchMasterAccountSid bytes again, and again.

I have recently spent a considerable amount of time supporting one of our customers who for some reason was unable to perform MAPILOGONEx command via MFCMAPI. We were issuing the OPENSTORE_USE_ADMIN_PRIVILEGE OPENSTORE_TAKE_OWNERSHIP which translate to using Administrative Previleges.

After much speculation about lack of permissions, it turned out that customer's environment was at Exchange 2003 SP2 but did not have a fix for msExchMasterAccountSid issue. That same issue that even had guys write a tool, NoMas. Apparently, Information Store disallows the administrative permission resolution as well. NoMas can help a lot with the short-term workaround, while applying KB916783 ensures the correct behavior.

Now, I need to actually look at some of our apps and review their functionality under this scenario.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Changing focus of the blog a bit

so I went quiet a bit just as I planned to blog more. The reason is simple. I have swapped jobs . Now, entrached in development as opposed to IT support, my focus is still with MS Exchange and Messaging. However, my day-to-day tasks are now involve looking deeper at AD integration with Exchange (various versions) and with time MAPI.